Vegan Backpacking Menu

Some of my favorite resources for vegan and dehydrating recipes for backpacking.


My #1 go-to Vegan Cookbook: Clean Food by Terry Walters – I just made big batches of some of these recipes and threw them in my dehydrator. I will post specific recipes eventually.

Online Resources:

A couple things I learned about dehydrating:

  • Tofu does NOT re-hydrate well. I tested it out and it remains hard and plastic-like after dehydrating. I do not recommend using it for backpacking meals!)
  • It’s best to use canned beans when dehydrating. Fresh, dry beans (soaked and cooked and then dehydrated) don’t re-hydrate well and stay too hard to enjoy. I’ve heard pressure cooking dry beans works, but I didn’t try that
  • Some people like to dehydrate all their ingredients separately and then mix and match for trail meals.  I found it easier to just make extra of all my usual meals and throw whole dishes into the dehydrator And then vacuum seal and store in the freezer until until I mailed my resupply buckets. (I tested some out of the freezer for 3-4 months too to make sure they would hold up. I only had a problem with one coconut milk noodle dish that I didn’t dry enough, it molded. So just make sure all your dishes are thoroughly dry before vacuum sealing)

Menus and recipes coming soon.