JMT Itinerary NOBO from Cottonwood Pass to Happy Isles

Day 1:  Horseshoe Meadows to Chicken Spring Lake via Cottonwood Pass Trail. 4.5 miles

Day 2: Chicken Spring Lake to Soldier Lake via PCT and Siberian Pass Trail. 5 miles

Day 3: Soldier lake to  Crabtree (ranger station) via New Army Pass trail and PCT. 12 miles

Day 4: Summit Mt. Whitney. Basecamped at Crabtree. 15 miles r/t

Day 5: Crabtree to Tyndall Creek (JMT). 8.5 miles

Day 6: Tyndall Creek to Vidette Meadow @ Vidette Creek. 11 miles

Day 7: Vidette Meadow to Onion Valley Campground via Kearsarge Pass (1st Resupply in Independence). 8.5 miles

Day 8: I hitchhiked into Independence for my resupply from Onion Valley CG. Was back on trail by 10:45 am hiked to the second Kearsarge Lake (highly recommend – one of the most amazing spots I had on the trail): 5.5 miles

Day 9: Kearsarge Lakes to Rae Lakes. 8 miles maptrail

Day 10: Zero Day at Rae Lakes! 0 miles

Day 11: Rae Lakes to an unnamed pond (past Twin Lakes) 2 1/2 miles below Pinchot Pass. 12 miles

Day 12: Unnamed pond to Unnamed creek (outlet of lake 11598) 1.5 miles below Mather Pass. 11 miles

Day 13: Unnamed Creek to Leconte Canyon Ranger Station. 16 miles

Day 14: LeConte Canyon to Sapphire Lake (Evolution Basin) over Muir Pass. 12 miles

Day 15: Sapphire Lake to Aspen Meadow on Piute Creek. 12 miles

Day 16: 2nd Resupply at Muir Trail Ranch – Piute Creek to Sallie Keys Lake via MTR. 10 miles

Day 17: Zero Day at Sallie Keys Lake. 0 miles

Day 18: Sallie Keys Lake to VVR trail cutoff on Mono Creek. 15 miles

Day 19: VVR cutoff to Tully Hole. 12 miles

Day 20: Tully Hole to Crater Meadow at Red Cones (near creek crossing). 15 miles 

Day 21: Resupply #3 at Red’s Meadow. Red Cones to Olaine Lake (The JMT and PCT split at at Devils’s post pile. I missed the signs and ended up following the PCT toward Agnew Meadows. It took me about 6 miles off the JMT). 11 miles

Day 22: Olaine Lake to Thousand Island Lake (via Shadow Lake to get back on the JMT). 8 miles

Day 23: Thousand Island Lakes to Lyell Canyon (much of Lyell Canyon is closed to camping for restoration. I skipped the sites at the very beginning and ended up having to go another 2 miles or so and scouting uphill for a site). 14.5 miles 

Day 24: Lyell Canyon to Upper Cathedral Lake via a break  and a meal at Tuolomne Meadows. 11 miles

Day 25: Upper Cathedral Lake to Little Yosemite Valley Backpacker Campground.  13 miles

Day 26: Little Yosemite to Happy Isles and the finish line! 🙁  🙂 6 miles.