New Comment Notifier that Works!

Dear faithful readers!

I finally found a comment notifier that works. So from now on when you post a comment on one of my blogs you can sign up to get an email notification when I or someone else replies.

I’m sorry this took so long. I didn’t know it wasn’t working until someone emailed me to let me know.

Thank you for being a loyal reader and I’ll have a new post out soon. I promise!

Happy Trails!




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8 comments on “New Comment Notifier that Works!”

  1. I still think you could write one heck of a book. Higgings or Rose? I’m sure there is a story there. When the trail gets boring or you physically suffering where does you mind go? I guess I’m asking to see if I am crazy or not. Tons of stuff to write about. Let’s see if the reply system works.

    1. Eric,
      It’s funny you should ask.The next few posts are exactly about that – where my mind goes when the trail gets boring. Because after 2 weeks it got boring and I have some (what I think are) funny stories to tell to show what goes on in Carolyn’s brain when she’s bored!

      And my legal name is Carolyn Higgins, but that is my ex-husband’s name. I will legally change it to Carolyn Rose (Rose is my middle name) soon. I may be traveling in the next few months (Vietnam) and don’t feel like going through the hassle of changing my passport now. In the meantime, I am going by Carolyn Rose. 🙂

      Thanks for your continued support and encouragement. And thanks for helping me troubleshoot this whole comment debacle!

      Best, – Carolyn

      1. The new notification system works slick! Vietnam! Wow! I know you are limited on internet bandwidth, but on your trip consider vlogging once in a while. You have some public speaking skills that could be used on a future blog. (I saw your business web site link on your JMT web page.)

        Take care! EB

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